Wireless Network

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This course teaches the principles of wireless network access techniques and system applications. The main focus of contents covers wireless medium access techniques, multiple access control and scheduling, system capacity optimization, and their applications to WiFi, WiMax, and ad-hoc sensor networks.


  • This course will help the students learn how to design and implement computer networks, and their protocols, services, and applications. This course will include both principles and practice, but more importantly, is designed to let the students have hands-on experience. Most of the topics will be connected to the Internet, i.e., how the Internet works.

  • This is an introductory networking course based on the Cisco Networking Academy Program and provides knowledge and practical experience with the design, configuration, management, and maintenance of computer networks. Topics include OSI 7-layer architectures, cabling, Ethernet, routing, TCP / IP protocols, IP addressing, routing protocols, WANs, network troubleshooting, and access control lists.

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