Greetings and welcome to the EE Community of KAIST!

We are a large organization with 87 full time professors, some 500 undergraduate students and over 1000 graduate students. Our students, both undergraduates and graduates, are the cream-of-the-crop EE students selected through highly competitive admission processes. We have numerous major research programs on topics ranging from new Nano materials to brain-like AI algorithms to Big Data. The boundaries of our education and research have changed dynamically and dramatically in recent years and today we boast having faculty with widely diverse technical backgrounds including Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. We feel diversity is a source of creativity and would fuel ideas leading to new technological developments that can change our lives in better ways. While KAIST EE has been instrumental in the advent of Korea’s semiconductor industry via breakthrough research and training of key engineering talents, we are now positioning ourselves to help the growth of high-tech companies in the critical era of fourth industrial revolution that is sweeping the world. We are pursuing research and nurturing talents in all crucial areas related to automation via intelligent agents, cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things, and cloud computing. Our students will grow to be the very fabric of this upcoming industry. Our strong ties with the prominent major companies of Korea will remain even stronger while we will strive to cultivate new and diverse relationships with smaller forth-coming companies in fueling our industry and economy.

We pride ourselves on placing high priority on student care. We are starting a “homeroom” care system in our undergraduate program where every student belongs to a particular group of students having similar career interests, whether pursuing graduate studies, seeking corporate jobs or getting involved in start-up companies. We are also initiating a CO-OP program where students would alternate 6-month industry employment with 6-month on-campus education. The students will gain valuable real-world engineering experiences while earning competitive salaries. As for graduate students, we are working with individual professors in setting up a minimum salary guideline so that financial difficulty would not be a limiting factor in pursuing graduate study. In addition, we are putting together plans to recognize and incentivize highly productive students. We will continue to recruit excellent international students and work hard to provide environments where our international students feel right at home. A new EE international office is being set up on the first floor of the main EE building to focus on caring for our international students as well as faculty and visiting scholars.

My door is wide open to all who have questions about EE, share our visions, wish to suggest ways to improve our system or just want to chat with the Head who feels his priority is in serving the EE community and its members.

With Warm Regards,

Jaekyun Moon

Head of School of EE, KAIST