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Ph.D. candidate Dahun Kim, M.S candidate Sanghyun Woo, and Dr. Joonyoung Lee (Advisor: Prof. Inso Kweon) awarded the 1st place prize in “ChaLearn Looking at People Challenge” co-organized by Google, Amazon, and DisneyLab of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) held on September 9th.   The ‘Video Decaptioning’ challenge is a “video inpainting” task that recovers raw video by recognizing and eliminating arbitrarily mixed text in the video. In particular, this work was recognized as a meaningful academic achievement by proposing a new concept “DVDNet: Deep Blind Video Decaptioning with 3D-2D Gated Convolutions” for video processing and they succeeded in restoring images with the overwhelming performance.   Congratulations.
Ph.D. candidate Eungyo Jeong (Advisor: Prof. Kyungcheol Choi) awarded the Best Poster Award at E-MRS 2018 Fall Meeting in Poland. The title of the paper is 'ALD-based Stress Optimized Washable Encapsulation Barrier with a Multi-functional Capping Layer for Wearable Organic Devices' Congratulations to Eungyo Jeong and Kyungcheol Choi. Conference: E-MRS 2018 Fall Meeting (European Materials Research Society) Date: 2018.09.17-2018.09.20 Venue: Warsaw, Poland Award: Best Poster Award Title: ALD-based Stress Optimized Washable Encapsulation Barrier with a Multi-functional Capping Layer for Wearable Organic Devices Author: Eun Gyo Jeong, Tim Hasselmann, Thomas Riedl, and Kyung Cheol Choi 
Professor Junbo Yoon and his research team members developed the ‘Force touch sensor’. Force touch sensors have received a great deal of attention for various applications owing to their versatile ability to detect touch and pressure. The Yoon’s research team developed a high performance and transparent nano force touch sensor with bending insensitivity. This work is achieved by developing a nanodielectric layer, which is a dielectric polymer layer with silver nanoparticles to enhance the dielectric constant. The nanograting structure is also used to improve the sensitivity, which results in high transparency. The bending insensitivity, which can be attributed to the thinness of the sensor and the coplanar electrodes located near the neutral plane of the device, was assessed. No performance change was observed in the extreme bending radius. The research team realized a high-performance industrial-grade nano force touch sensor, simultaneously featuring transparency, flexibility, high sensitivity, and bending-insensitivity. Ph.D. candidate Jaeyoung Yoo said, “This work shows the high reliability in a diverse environment. We expect that this work can be widely used in user touch interfaces and wearable devices.”   Paper : Industrial grade, bending-insensitive, transparent nanoforce touch sensor via enhanced percolation effect in a hierarchical nano-composite film Paper link : [[{"fid":"6109","view_mode":"default","type":"media","attributes":{"height":"727","width":"546","class":"media-element file-default"}}]] <news Link> 언론사 링크 연합뉴스 전자신문 헬로디디 국민일보 메디컬투데이 헤럴드경제 기타 (17곳 언론사) 동아사이언스, 서울신문, 서울경제, 이데일리, 충청일보, 충청투데이, 금강일보, 뉴스웍스, 일요신문, 충남일보, 아시아뉴스 통신, 농업경제신문, 프라임경제, 파이낸셜 뉴스, 노컷뉴스, 뉴스1, 베리타스알파


This is an announcement for the Yunho Hwang, ILSOO and Minhwa Lee scholarship. Students who want to apply for the scholarship should complete the application form and submit it to the department office (042-350-3403, by 31st (Fri) August 2018. 1. Yunho Hwang Scholarship: Undergraduate students with outstanding academic achievement and undergraduate students in financial hardship    - Number of Offer: 2 students    - Amount of Scholarship: 500,000 KRW for each selected student 2. ILSOO Scholarship: MS/PhD students who are highly motivated in academics (Priority given to students in financial hardship)    - Number of Offer: 2 students    - Amount of Scholarship: 500,000 KRW for each selected student    3. Minhwa Lee Scholarship: Undergraduate/MS/PhD student with outstanding academic achievement and who is highly motivated in research (Priority given to students in financial hardship)    - Number of Offer: 1 student    - Amount of Scholarship: 500,000 KRW
Professor Yung Yi and Ph.D. student Dae-Woo Kim have been selected as the University Donation program sponsored by Nokia Bell Labs. The program receives proposals for future research from researchers at universities around the world at Nokia Bell Labs. A small number of researchers are selected, and the researchers are allowed to freely use donation-type research fund. Professor Yung Yi and Ph.D. student Dae-Woo Kim proposed a study on "Multi-drone Platform for Machine Collective Intelligence" and received a donation of 50,000 euros. This study is about platform research that can combine IoT, Cloud, 5G communication and drones AI technology based on many drones. Because of the reputation of the world-class research institute, Bell Labs, and the nature of the donation-type research fund that does not require the submission of research results, it is significant in that it was selected for its high competition.
The MSRA Fellowship Program aims to build the next generation of research leaders with a unique program offering a combination of scholarship, mentorship, research, networking and academic opportunities to promising young candidates. Moreover, Fellows and their advisors could enjoy long-term close engagement with Microsoft Research Asia, one of the leading computer science research labs in the world. Please visit the program homepage to learn more about it and read the feedbacks from previous recipients of the fellowship.   This year, the MSRA Fellowship program would accept direct applications from individual PhD students with their advisors’ strong recommendation. We sincerely hope that as EE School Chair, you could kindly disseminate our Invitation for Application attached to faculty and PhD students of your school via website, email, or other effective approaches, and encourage eligible students to apply. We really appreciate your big support for MSRA Fellowship program 2018!   Below is some information about this MSRA Fellowship 2018 Provisions of the award ·      Cash awards of $10,000 USD ·      Guaranteed, but not required three-month internship at Microsoft Research Asia. ·      Opportunity for intensive and individualized mentorship programs with a dedicated senior researcher to help facilitate research until graduation. ·      Opportunity to attend Microsoft academic conferences in computer science in the Asia-Pacific region. ·      At the discretion of Microsoft Research Asia, advisors of fellows might be invited to participate in collaborative research projects and academic exchange events. Eligibility criteria ·      Applicants must attend a university in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, or Taiwan, and doing research work that relates to computing topics in which Microsoft Research has expertise. ·      According to the definition of the normative period of PhD program of the applicants’ university and region, the applicant must still be in eligible PhD program until spring semester of 2020. The applicants and their advisors would be asked for supporting documents if needed. ·      Multiple applicants from one supervisor will not be considered for acceptance. ·      Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Committee owns the final interpretation of above clauses. How to apply ·      The 2018 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship application period closes on June 29, 2018 ·      PhD students must apply directly for the scholarship via online application tool  ·      Materials required: 1) application form; 2) Curriculum vitae; 3) Research Statement; 4) At least two letters of reference. For more detailed requirements on “How to Apply”, and more information on Eligibility criteria, Award provisions, and Program timeline, please kindly visit 2018 MSRA Fellowship homepage: We sincerely look forward to application from your PhD student. Thank you for your big support! Should you have any questions, please kindly contact me or program committee via email (


2018 October 15-20th, Philippine Workshop
2018 September 18th, Fall happy hour
2018 September 19th, Undergraduate festival