Awards & Press

Professor Yoo's lab has developed a organic-based flash memory that is, flexible and has excellent performance.   Flash memory is an essential element for information storage in most IT devices such as tablets, smart phones, and USB drives. To make wearable and flexible smart devices, it is important to have very good flexibility in the memory you get into your device. However, because of material constraints, the implementation of flexible flash memory with flexibility and performance was impossible. In order to solve the problem, the team used 'initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD)' to fabricate a group of high performance polymer insulating films with flexible and excellent insulating properties. And it is designed to enable optimal flash memory operation. The team's flash memory has a programming voltage of less than 10V and a data retention time of more than 10 years, while maintaining the memory performance at 2.8% mechanical strain. This is a significant improvement over the existing inorganic insulation layer based flash memory that allowed only 1% strain. The team demonstrated foldable memory by fabricating the developed flash memory on a 6-micrometer-thick plastic film. The team also succeeded in producing it on a printing paper, which can be used in disposable smart electronic products such as electronic paper and electronic business card. This technology is expected to contribute to the development of wearable electronic devices and smart electronic paper in earnest.
Development of highly efficient OLED display technology from Prof. Choi, Kyung-Cheol's research team
Professor Han Dongsoo's research paper will be published on August 24 at ACM SIGCOMM, the top tier academic society in computer networking.


Ph.D. candidate Kim, Seung-Yoon (Advisor: Prof. Jo, Byung-Jin) was selected as Applied Materials Korea Co., Ltd scholarship student at the 12th Semiconductor Scholarship Ceremony hosted by Korea Semiconductor Industry Association.  This ceremony was held at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel on October 26th for the 9th Semiconductor Day.  Congratulations on the selection of Ph.D. candidate Kim, Seung-Yoon as a semiconductor scholarship student.  
2017 EE Department Fair for 1st year students will be held at 17PM Nov. 16th, #1501, E3-1
Dr. Se-Young Yoon, who recieved B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in KAIST EE, was appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, KAIST from September, 2017.   Dr. Se-Young Yoon recieved Ph.D. degree in Prof. Dong-Ho Jo's lab and has been a postdoctorial researcher in Prof. Yung, Yi's lab. He also has been a researcher at KTH(Sweden), Microsoft Research Lab and Los Alamos National Lab. From this year he became a assitant professor in the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, KAIST, in the field of machine learning.     Dr. Yoon originally recieved Ph.D. degree in communication network but he has extended his theories learned in the field of communication networks, and has changed his major to the field of machine learning.  He became a assistant professor with excellent research achievements even after he changed his research area, and this can be a meaningful lesson to many students in EE.  


Electrical & Information Engineering Workshop 
LAB fair for 2018 spring semester master's freshman held on 18th of September 2017
EEIO fall semester orientation held on 14th of September 2017 while eating lunch


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