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Graduate Program

EMI/EMC Design and Analysis

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This course is designed to provide fundamental principles of EMI / EMC with numerous design practices of high-performance circuit, module, and system to meet EMI / EMC compliant specifications.
(Prerequisite: EE204, EE304)



This course covers fields and sources in waveguides, coupled mode theory, and wave propagation in periodic structures and anisotropic media. Green’s functions and their applications to radiation and scattering of waves are extensively considered.

Circuit, Device, Wave

Key elements of microwave/RF ICs for wireless systems including mobile communications and radars are covered. Subcircuits including low noise amplifier, mixer, VOC, power amplifier, switches, phase shifter, and digital RF blocks are studied with their design methods, modeling methods, and characterizing methods.
(Prerequisite: EE204, EE304)

This course is designed to provide graduate students with design capability of the millimeter-wave and terahertz integrated circuits and application systems. The course starts with the active/passive device models for active and passive circuits on silicon. On-chip antenna, Beam-forming and radar blocks will be also studied for multi-Gbps wireless communication and wireless sensor applications.

Circuit, Wave

RF signals in modern wireless systems are basically based on digital techniques. To understand the architectures and be able to specify the parameters of the modern RF transceiver systems, fundamental concepts both on digital and RF are necessarily understood. This course gives the basic concepts and technologies related to modern digital radio transceiver systems.