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Pre-screening Notice for the Undergraduate who will Graduate in 08/2015


If you have completed more than or equal to 130 credits INCLUDING THIS SPRING semester,

please visit the department office by the listed date below.

* For the students who changed or canceled any of the courses this semester, submit the PRE-SCREEN document once again.

* For the students who have not made any changes or withdrawals on any of the courses this semester,

just visit the department office to verify without the PRE-SCREEN document.

* Double-check the English name to be printed on the diploma and state whether the student would be attending the graduation ceremony.

Student ID

Date of Visit

~ 2009****

May 18, 2015 (Mon.)


May 19, 2015 (Tue.)


May 20, 2015 (Wed.)

* Students are responsible for their own PRE-SCREEN document submission, and the submission is mandatory.

* Pre-screen form is very important and department is not responsible for any disadvantage the students receive

by not submitting the pre-screen form.

* On the PRE-SCREEN document, do not move the excess credits to a different course type. (For example, “Humanities & Social Elective: 28 / 21″)

* Inquiries: Je, Sung Ae (T.3404)