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Ph. D. Qualifying Examination in July 2016

1. Who?

1) Doctoral Students who entered the KAIST in or before 2008

– Application within three years after entrance

– Doctoral Students who have not yet taken Ph.D. Qualifying Exam.

– Doctoral Students who have registered more than two semesters taking at least three classes

2) Doctoral Students who entered the KAIST in or after 2009

– Application within one and a half years after entrance

2. When?

1) Application forms must be submitted to administrative office of the School of Electrical Engineering between June 13(Mon) – 24(Fri), 2016

2) Evaluation of Ph. D Qualifying Exam. is being done in the middle of July. 2016.

3) Qualified candidates will be announced at the end of July. 2016.

3. What to be submitted?

1) Application form (#attached file below)

2) Plan for dissertation (#attached file below)

3) Other achievements (#attached file below)

– A copy of the references that proof the applicants’ excellence such as patents, awards, and published papers)

4. Allotted point



Document relative to each item



Applicant’s GPA

Plan for dissertation


Plan for dissertation

Other achievements


References that proof

the applicant’s excellence




5. Notes

– The Ph. D Qualifying examination is scheduled in January and July respectively

.- Those who don’t pass the Ph. D Qualifying Examination will be expelled from KAIST.

* Please submit the required documents above such as Application form, Plan for dissertation

and other achievements at the School of the office of Electrical Engineering by June 24, 2016.