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Undergraduate Course Waiver Exam for Spring Semester 2023

  1. Application Period

❍ Feb. 24(Fri), 2023 ~ Feb. 28(Tue), 2023, 18:00【3 days】



  1. How to Apply

❍ Submit the waiver exam application form and exam fee transfer confirmation or receipt to the Academic Registrar’s Team via e-mail. (

※ After filling out the courses to be applied, and obtaining approval from the Course Professor, the Advising Professor and the Department Head, please submit them by e-mail to the Academic Registrar’s Team. (


  1. Instructions

Although you fail to pass the waiver exam, it is not possible to register for the course you applied for the waiver exam after the course add/drop deadline [2023. 3. 6(Mon)].

Please note that if you must complete the course on the Spring Semester 2023, you should register for it by the course add/drop deadline [(2023. 3. 6(Mon)] regardless of the waiver exam result.

For those who pass the waiver exam, Academic Registrars Team will drop the course registered and the waiver exam result will be recorded on transcripts.

Please be aware that you should register for at least 12 credits per semester (excluding courses to be dropped according to the pass of the exam), except for the last semester before graduation.

Course waiver exams are not available for the courses with existing grades.


  1. Exam Dates

❍ Mar. 2 (Thu), 2023 ~ Mar. 6 (Mon), 2023 【3 days】

※ For more details such as test dates, location and exam scope, please contact the professor in charge of the class.


  1. Applicable Courses

❍ Among the list of courses offered in Spring Semester 2023, the courses received approval of the major professor

Graduation project, individual research, seminar, special lecture and laboratory training course are Not Included.

※ In the case of calculus (I, II) from 2017 students, waiver exams should be taken within one year after admission.



  1. Exam Fees

❍ Amount: KRW 20,000 per course

❍ Payment Period : Same as the application period [Feb. 24(Fri), 2023 ~ Feb. 28(Tue), 2023, 18:00]

❍ Payment method : Payment at Woori Bank on campus or direct deposit

    Depositor’s Name : Last 5 digits of your Student ID Number + Student’s name

❍ Payment Account No. : Woori Bank 270-003359-13-100

(Account holder: KAIST)


  1. Passing Criteria

❍ In order to “pass” an exam, you should achieve grade B- (converted score: 78) or above, and grades are assigned according to KAIST Academic Rules and Regulations Article 49, Paragraph 1.



  1. Announcement of the exam result

❍ Will be released on KAIST Portal


  1. For further questions

❍ Academic Registrar’s Team (Ext 2368/ 


Feb 2023

 Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs