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EE Prof. Sung-Yool Choi win the Prime Minister’s Commendation Award

Title: KAIST Prof. Sung-Yool Choi recognized with the Prime Minister’s Commendation Award for Industrial Contribution in 2021



[Prof. Sung-Yool Choi]


KAIST EE Professor Sung-Yool Choi has received the Prime Minister’s Commendation Award for Industrial Contributions on material components/equipments. The commendation was given at the award ceremony for the Materials, Components, Equipments and Basic(Root) Industry Tech Inside Show which was held 13th ~ 15th Oct. at KINTEX in Ilsan. 


The Industrial Contribution Merit Award for Material Equipment is given to those who have contributed to the development and innovation of material components / equipments (abbreviated as MCE from here on), and have played a significant role in the establishment, implementation, and resolution of pending issues on fostering MCE policies. 


Appointed as the head of the technical advisor team from KAIST in 2019, Professor Sung-Yool Choi has been striving to establish the corporate support cooperation system and create policies to strengthen the industrial competitiveness of MCE. 


The technical advisor team, comprised of 155 faculty members of KAIST with Prof. Sung-Yool Choi as the leader, has been providing preemptive, omnidirectional, and full-cycle technical advice on technical difficulties faced by MCE corporations. The team was launched as the first advisory organization dedicated to industrial technology in Korea to provide a means of direct, active response small businesses affected by Japan’s export regulations and whitelist exclusion policies. Since its inception, the team has provided more than 100 advice sessions to 75 companies.


Prof. Sung-Yool Choi remarks “I consider this award not as a symbol of personal achievement, but rather a culmination of efforts made possible by various faculty and members of KAIST who have actively participated in the technical advisor team. I give my sincere thanks and make more efforts to help small Korean businesses to become industry-leading global companies,”