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Research Highlights

2nd Prize in Student Demo Competition at IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference

3 Ph.D. students in Prof. Joungho Kim’s research group – Yeonje Cho, Hongseok Kim, and Chiuk Song – were awarded the 2nd prize in student demo competition at IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference. 

Their demonstration consisted of a WPT system, of which the efficiency was doubled with the use of meta-material of negative permeability.



*Name of the Conference : IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference 2015 (

*Date : May 13, 2015 ~ May 15, 2015

*Venue : Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

*Award Title : Student Demo Competition 2nd Prize Award

*Paper Title : ltra-thin Printed Circuit Board Metamaterial for High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer

*Authors : Yeonje Cho, Hongseok Kim, Chiuk Song, Jinwook Song, Dong-Hyun Kim, and Joungho Kim



Original upload date : 2015/06/03