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KAIST EE Professor Minsoo Rhu won the Google Research Scholar Award

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 [Prof. Minsoo Rhu]


Prof. Minsoo Rhu has been selected as this year’s recipient of the Google Research Scholar Award presented by Google Headquarters.

The Google Research Scholar Award is a program established in 2021 by Google Headquarters to promote collaboration and long-term partnerships between young researchers studying computer science and related fields at universities around the world and Google.

Prof. Yoo was among a total of 78 young faculty recipients from around the world who have been active in academia for less than seven years, and was one of only four faculty members selected in the systems category to receive this year’s award.

Three professors were selected from universities in Korea, and two of them are from KAIST, including Prof. Minsoo Yoo and Prof. Bumjun Kim of the Graduate School of AI.


Prof. Minsoo Yoo received the award for his research titled ‘Co-Designing Hardware/Software Systems for Differentially Private Machine Learning’. Generative AI (GAI) technology based on LLM (Large Language Model), which has recently become popular as ChatGPT, collects and utilizes large amounts of user data to improve the accuracy of AI models to improve the quality of AI services.

However, user privacy is emerging as a serious social problem, as sensitive personal information of users is leaked while being transmitted and stored in data centers, and personal information used for learning is leaked when the model trained based on it is serviced in the inference process.

The “Computer System Research for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning” project, which is the basis of this award, will research AI semiconductors and software solutions to support AI model training that do not leak personal information or sensitive user data during the training or inference process of AI models, which requires the use of large amounts of data.

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