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Research Highlights

Ph.D. candidate Gangmin Cho advised by Prof. Youngsoo Shin receive 2022 IEEE TSM Best Paper Award – Honorable Mention

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[Mr. Gangmin Cho, Dr. Yonghwi Kwon, Dr. Pervaiz Kareem, and Prof. Youngsoo Shin from left]


The IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing publishes the latest advances related to the manufacture of microelectronic and photonic components and integrated systems, including photovoltaic devices and micro-electro-mechanical systems.

Among around 100 papers published in 2022 at IEEE TSM, their paper has been selected as one of the three papers for Best Paper Award – Honorable Mention.

Dr. Yonghwi Kwon and Prof. Youngsoo Shin, in particular, were recipients of 2021 BPA from the same journal, i.e. they received BPA in 2021 and BPA – Honorable Mention in 2022, a rare and extraordinary achievement.


– Title: 2022 IEEE TSM Best Paper Award – Honorable Mention 

– Paper Title: Integrated Test Pattern Extraction and Generation for Accurate Lithography Modeling

– Authors: Gangmin Cho, Yonghwi Kwon, Pervaiz Kareem, and Youngsoo Shin (Advisor professor)

– Journal: IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing


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