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Research Highlights

Research Highlights

Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo and Byung-Jin Cho won the Daewon Kahng Award


[Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo and Byung-Jin Cho from left]

Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo is a world-renowned expert in the field of semiconductor and developed the world’s first 256-mega SD RAM, successfully laying the foundation of AI semiconductor.

He contributed to the development of intelligent visual processors, neural network processing units (NPUs), and neuromorphic processors before deep neural network (DNN) started to gain attention. He specifically applied a neuron network-like network to intelligent visual processors to reduce power consumption, dramatically improving the energy efficiency and computation performance.

He also developed DNN-based NPU that is essential for object recognition and natural language processing and thus revolutionized the market for low-power AI semiconductor. Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo was the first Asian to give a keynote speech at the International Solid State Circuit Society (ISSCC) in 2019 in recognition of his research achievements.

In addition, the ‘PIM Semiconductor Design Research Center’ was established last year to lead the development of processing-in-memory (PIM) technology through the cooperation with companies and academia.


Professor Byung-Jin Cho discovered the semiconductor soft-breakdown (SBD) phenomenon for the first time and revealed its mechanism. Soft breakdown is an insulation breakdown phenomenon in which leakage current flows through a semiconductor gate insulating film and adversely affects the function of the gate insulating film and semiconductor.

Professor Byung-Jin Cho is a world-renowned authority in the field of High dielectric substrates, whose demand is increasing as the materials are replacing the silicon oxide insulating films.

Professor Byung-Jin Cho contributed to the development of semiconductor by applying the high dielectric substrates to charge trap-type memory for the first time. Along with SK Hynix and Jusung Engineering, he also contributed to the development of DRAM products that are equipped with high dielectric. He has published more than 600 papers in the field of semiconductor.


Dr. Daewon Kahng developed for the first time ‘MOSFET (Metal Oxide Film Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)’, which has been established as the standard in semiconductor transistors. He contributed to the miniaturization of semiconductor transistors and mass production. Furthermore, he participated in the development of floating gates, a core technology for NAND flash memory.