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(December 22) Engineering of Nanostructures for Enhanced Energy Harvesting


Engineering of Nanostructures for Enhanced Energy Harvesting


14:00, Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Prof. SeungNam Cha (University of Oxford)


KAIST KI Building (E4) Lecture Room B301


The anticipated increasing use of key natural energy resources, which become extremely scarce, in the coming decades have sparked significant world-wide efforts toward the search for the cost-effective renewable and green energy sources to meet global energy demands of future. In this regard, advances in self-powered nanotechnology allowing for the design of efficient energy harvesting offers an enormous potential for the creation of sustainable systems utilizing incessantly natural ambient energy sources. In particular, recent developments in mechanical energy harvesting using piezoelectric and related materials present innovative and emerging research topics in the area of a green energy technology, providing a “battery-less” solution with time, cost, and environmental benefits. In this talk, the ability and the fascinating harvesting features will be discussed with current progress regarding advanced mechanical energy harvesting technologies and methodologies i) to increase power density, ii) to integrate into different type of energy harvesters or energy devices, and iii) to create novel and viable applications.


SeungNam Cha is an Associate Professor in University of Oxford and had worked as a principal senior research scientist at Samsung Electronics and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), a central research institute of Samsung Group for 17 years before joining in University of Oxford. He have extensive research experience in the area of nanoelectronics, low dimensional nanostructures, nanophotonics, energy harvesting, and display/lighting system publishing more than 125 publications including Nature Nanotechnology, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials and Energy & Environmental Science and filed/published 95 patents. He has an h-index of 22 with over 1710 citations based on his inventions and results. In Nano Science and Technology group at Oxford University, he is in charge of the device/system fabrication/integration area. He also participates in FP7, Horizon2020, KETEP, NRF and KIER funded projects as a PI/co-PI/Performer.