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School of Electrical Engineering Support Guide

Use of Funds and Donations
  • Establishment of department facilities and next-generation integrated-research buildings
  • Construction of next-generation lecture rooms
  • Establishment of global affiliated institutions
  • Invitation of Worldwide faculty
  • Student scholarship and grants
Method of Support and Donation 

We show you how to support KAIST and Electrical Engineering Department for continued development, and ask for your active participation. Your precious donations will lead to support from more alumni, which will be an opportunity for KAIST and our department to move on.
You can support and donate to the KAIST Electrical Engineering Department by the following methods.

Support and donation directly to the KAIST Electrical Engineering Department
  • Tel 042-350-8504
  • E-mail eefoundation@kaist.ac.kr
  • Address (34141) Daejeon Metropolitan city Yuseong-gu Daehak-ro 291
    KAIST Electrical Engineering Department
Donation via KAIST Development Foundation