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Professor Zeungnam Bien

In order to improve the field of science and technology of the future, one cannot simply be a leader in this field.

An individual from the sciences must be able to actively participate in a variety of specializations before returning to give constructive feedback on the development of science, and thereby the improvement of the country as a whole.

Speaking from a broad perspective, I would like to tell all KAIST students to ask many questions, exhibit no fear for failure, and accept the differences of others from oneself.

These three characteristics are in reality the most important facets to become a true intellectual.

Finally, I have one more word for electrical engineering students at KAIST.

The classes that are included in the curriculum at KAIST, especially the experiment-related classes, should be given the utmost priority in terms of effort.

These classes, even when compared to other prestigious universities worldwide, have excellent quality.

More confident and active participation in studies is critical in order to become successful.