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Dam Yoo, Alumni of KAIST

If you follow others, there is a high possibility you will walk a similar road to others. To walk a road that is your own, you must be able to detach from this ordinary path.

For example, those who have entered graduate school should have thought about what they want accomplish in school. It is important to know why you came to KAIST, and why you are in the graduate program, and what you will do afterwards. A noticeable difference is present between those who have paid some thought to this and those who have not.

In addition, other than research, social connections, discussion, and resumes are extremely important. It is recommended that you get to know new people through your advisor. Also, after public presentation, you should not just stop at exchanging name cards but continue to contact these individuals throughout the future. Of course, you must also continue to focus on your research and be able to present good results. Mastery of English should also be a focal point and should be mastered to a point where an extended conversation can be carried out without a problem.

Resumes should be created at least by the time you enter graduate school. At first, it may seem pointless as it will be somewhat empty, but it will be filled up as you participate in various projects and complete your research.

Finally, the October 3rd issue of the New York Times contains these words. “A flying mechanism will be created if scientists spend hundreds or thousands of years on a working model.” At that same time, the Wright brothers wrote in their diary that “We unpacked and started working today.” We need to live in the present, and I believe that a mind filled with definite goals will be helpful.