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EE Co-op Program

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EE Co-op Program

EE Co-op Program (Field Training and Education Program)

A program that performs practically meaningful fieldwork such as short-term project while working in a company for 6 months, in the 3rd to 4th year of the undergraduate program


  • To provide opportunities to outstanding undergraduate students to learn practical engineering skills in an earlier stage of career, and ultimately to educate successful future business entrepreneurs

Structure of the Program

  • Conducting individual research of 2 months in the lab related to pre-assigned task during the Summer/Winter session to supplement courses missed during the field training and to provide the knowledge required in the field
    • Tuition and research book purchase fee are supported during individual research
  • Conducting a 6-month project during a regular semester and a Summer/Winter session


  • Work in the company, 6-month basis (Regular semester and Summer/Winter session)
  • Up to 1 year during enrollment period (Study – Work alternately)


  • 3rd or 4th year in the undergraduate program
    • Students can apply from 3rd year, 2nd semester (Estimated credits above 69 credits)
    • Graduation semester students are not eligible
    • Students who already completed dispatch without leave of absence 2times are not eligible
      Recognized Credits

Recognized Credits

  • After completing the 6-month program, 9 credits will be recognized after evaluation
  • Recognized as: Substitution to EE405 (3) / B.S Thesis Research (3) / Elective (3)
  • Only 3 credits (Elective) are recognized for the 2nd time participants.

Application and the Required Documents

  • Required Documents: Application for EE Co-op / Transcript
  • Application Period: A separate announcement will be made.

Selection process

  • Briefing session: Mar./Sep.
  • Application submission: Oct.~Nov. of the previous year for spring semester dispatch/Apr.~May of the year for fall semester dispatch
  • Documentation review and individual interview
  • Company-Student matching