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Executive branch

People & Life

Executive branch

Executive branch

Executive Branch for 2020

School of EE has Student Executives who help Student Representatives. Student Executives consist of about 25 undergraduates, which all of each are the member of one of five departments, General Affairs, Coordinate and Planning, Communication, International Student, Media and Design. ‘Department of General Affairs’ is in charge of the student council accounting and reviews the budget bill. ‘Department of Coordinate and Planning’ plans new business, complements existing business, and takes the lead in TF which will be explained soon. ‘Department of Communication’ is a communication channel between student councils and EE undergraduates. ‘Department of International Student’ represents the rights of international students, communicates with other departments, and leads the event related to international students. ‘Department of Media and Design’ produces posters, card news, videos, etc. related to events.

General Affairs Team

Jaehyun Lee

Planning Team

Minseok Kang

Junwon Ko

Byungjun Kim

Jeewon Kim

Chaehyeon Kim

Minwoo Noh

Junyong Park

Jiwon Shin

Doyeon Jeon

Hyunmin Jeon

Taehun Choe

Communication Team

Minjin Kim

Sangyun Kim

Hojune Kim

Hyein Woo

Euiin Yi

Eunyeong Cho

Seoyoung Hwang

International Affairs Team

Eunjee Na

Yohan Park

Media & Design Team

Gangtae Park

Jaewoong Ahn

Hyemin Lee

Sujae Jeon