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[BK21Plus] Financial Support for Short Term Training and Paper Publication Fee

Eligibility: BK21 Plus affiliated professors, graduate students (those within the following years from the admission date: 2 years for master’s, 4 years for doctoral, 6 years for integrated master’s and doctoral – except for first semester master’s and candidates with general scholarship) and research personnel.


▲ Short Term Training (within 15 days) and Paper Publication Fee – 8,000,000 KRW per professor (per research lab)


< Short Term Training >

1. International Conference Standards

– 4 or more participating countries

– 20 or more oral paper presentations

– 50% or more of the oral paper presenters must be foreigners from foreign institutes (more than 33% if hosted domestically)


* If the information cannot be verified for the current year of the conference, that of the previous year can be used and must be notified accordingly.


2. Selection Criteria

– For each publication of each conference, applications can be submitted for participating graduate students or research personnel who are within the first 3 authors for the work, or for the applicable student’s supervising professor.

(when applying with the author of the publication, support for conference visitors can be requested)

– Application for affiliated professors can only be done if his or her advisee is participating in the conference as an author of a paper.


3. Financial Support Details and Dates

– Support Period : Mar. 2016 – Feb. 2017

(Supported expenses: conference registration fee, living expenses, round trip airfare, traveler’s insurance)

– Support Method: research credit card or bank transfer

– Support Duration: conference duration + 2 days for round trip travel time (can apply for + 3 days for Europe and the Americas)

* extended trips will not be supported for the exception of airline issues (need documentation for proof) even if living expense support is waivered


※ Caution

– When paying the conference registration fee, expenses other than for the registration, like miscellaneous program registration fees, membership fee, banquets, etc., are not supported.

– If the registration fee includes meals, it must be noted on the application and living expenses will be deducted accordingly.

– Airfares must be that for economy class seats of a flight going to the conference location. If a direct flight is unavailable, transfer flights can be supported.

– Expenditures for lodging that exceed the amount determined by travel fee regulations will not be supported.


4. Required Forms and Documents

# Forms and Documents for Application

1.BK Overseas Business Trip Application Form (attachment 1)

2.Confirmation Form (attachment 2)

3.Conference Information for Validation (excerpt from the homepage, etc.)

4.Published Paper/Presented paper (entire pages)


# Forms and Documents after Returning

1.Travel Report

2.Return Report (print from the school’s ERP system)

3.Certificate of Fact on Entry and Departure (print from the Internet)


< Paper Publication Fee >

# Forms and Documents for Application

– Publication Fee Application Form (attachment)

– 1 copy of Publication Fee Invoice (from the conference)

– 1 copy of Published Paper


# Forms and Documents after Approval

– Proof of Payment (receipt or email confirmation of payment)

* Submit immediately after payment using the BK credit card


< inquiry >

Jihye Han (T.8503)

E_mail : jhwb0822@kaist.ac.kr