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[BK21Plus] Financial Support for Long Term Training

1. Eligibility: BK21 Plus affiliated graduate students (those within the following years from admission date: 2 years for master’s, 4 years for doctoral, 6 years for integrated master’s and doctoral – except for first semester master’s and candidates with general scholarship)


2. Support Period : A month or more


3. Supported Expenses : Up to 20,000,000 KRW per person (KAIST travel fee regulations)

Limited to 20,000,000 KRW per professor (per research lab)

– Round trip airfare (economy class)

– Living expenses : KAIST travel fee regulations

– BK21Plus will not support the expenses that are supported by another institute arranged for the training.

– In case of temporary returning to Korea, supported expenses should be returned for those days in Korea (including the case that the supported expenses are less than the limit designated by the travel fee regulations).


4. Selection Criteria : Decision will be made after evaluation


5. Required Forms and Documents


# Forms and Documents for Application


– A copy of Statement of Purpose for BK Graduates Long-term Training (Attachment)

– A copy of Application Form for BK Long-term Training(Attachment)

– A copy of Detailed Plan for BK Long-term Training (Attachment)

– A copy of BK written oath (Attachment)

– A copy of English Resume (free format)

– A copy of Recommendation letter from the advisor (free format)

– A copy of Transcript

– A copy of Invitation Letter


# Forms and Documents after Returning

– A copy of passport (Immigration Certificate) or Certificate of Fact on Entry and Departure

– Long-term Training Result Report (attachment) :

It should describe in detail about the research activity during the training period including the research content and the potential application of research outcome.

(Weekly for the training within 2 months, monthly for the training with 3 or more months)


7. Caution : Please check with the Academic Registrar Team for “approval for non-leave of absence” 1 month prior to departure.


Inquiry: Jihye Han (T.8503, jhwb0822@kaist.ac.kr)