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[BK21Plus] Financial Support for Foreign Expert Consulting Fee

1. Supported Expenses

– Within $4,000 per professor (including airfare)

– A first-come, first-served basis within the limit of the budget


2. Expenses

– Financial support for consulting fee and living expenses will be determined according to the guideline on utilization of invited foreign researchers.

Consulting fee: within $300 per day (Level-A), within $250 per day (Level-B), within $200 (Level-C)

Accommodation: within $150 per day, Meals and others: $50 per day

(Example) 1-day Consulting from A-level expert (staying 1 night 2 days),

Consulting fee $300 * 1day, Accommodation $150 * 1day, Meal $50 * 2days


A : Professor, Senior Research Engineer (8 or higher), 10 or more years after getting a PhD

B : Associate Professor, Senior Research Engineer (7 or higher), 4 or more years after getting a PhD

C : Assistant Professor, Research Engineer, Immediately after getting a PhD (including a prospective graduate)


3. How to Apply

– Application should be made at least 2 weeks before the seminar

– Decision will be made after the evaluation by the committee.


4. Required Forms and Documents


– 1 copy of Application Form for Utilization of Foreign Expert (attachment).

– BK Foreign Expert (Seminar speaker)+Plan for Utilization (attachment)_ Please describe in detail (more than 5 lines) about application areas and possible impact

– Resume and research achievement

– Invitation letter or records of e-mails related to invitation

– Lecture(Seminar) Summary or Plan (1∼2 pages/free format)

An airfare receipt in case of supporting airfare (it will be transferred with the consulting fee)

– A copy of bankbook (or the bank account number)_Both domestic and foreign bank accounts are available to use.

※ In case of a foreign bank account, please use US dollars or local currency in the application form.


<Required information for a foreign bank account>

Account name

Bank name, Branch & Address

Account number

Routing number


5. Forms and Documents after Seminar

– Content of consulting or seminar material (lecture material, attendance list with attendees’ signature, poster, photograph, etc.)

– A copy of passport (Immigration Certificate) and receipts

※ The evidences of consulting should be submitted for the entire duration that the expenses are supported.


Inquiry: Jihye Han (T.8503, jhwb0822@kaist.ac.kr)