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[BK21 Plus] Financial Support for International Expert Consulting Fee

1. Supported Amount

– $4,000 or less per eligible professor (including airfare)

– Until exhausted within budget

2. Eligibility criteria


Eligibility criteria

Position of affiliated institution

(Criteria I)

Education and research career

(Standard II)

Education and research career

(Criteria II)

Professional Career

(Criteria IV)

Class A

Full professor, Senior researcher (more than No. 8),

Research Leader

More than 10 years after obtaining a Ph.D.


More than 16 years after obtaining a master’s degree


More than 16 years

Class B

Associate professor, Senior researcher (No. 7 or lower)

Senior Researcher

More than 4 years after obtaining a Ph.D

More than 10 years after obtaining a master’s degree

More than 10 years

Class C

Assistant professor, senior researcher,


Immediately after obtaining a Ph.D.

(including potential doctoral candidates)

More than 15 years after obtaining a master’s degree

More than 5 years

Classes of experts are classified into Class A, Class B and Class C according to the qualification criteria in criteria I,

In cases where it is difficult to distinguish them, they are classified according to criteria II, III or IV.

3. Expenses

– In accordance with the guidelines for attracting foreign scientists,

you will be paid less than $ 300 (Class A), $ 250 (Class B), or $ 200 (Class C) per day,

accommodation costs can be paid within $ 150 / day of accommodation and $ 50 / day of food expenses.

(example) When a class A expert is staying for one night and two days and consulting day,

Advising Fee $ 300 * 1 day, Accommodation Fee $ 150 * 1 day, Meals Fee $ 50 * is calculated for 2 days


 4. Required Documents

–  When applying for consultation fee – (Attachment 1) 1 copy of Application Form for Utilization of Oversees Experts

When applying for a lecture fee – (Attachment 4) 1 copy of Application Form for Holding Seminar.

– (Attachment 2) BK Seminar Speaker Usage Plan – Please describe in more than 5 lines in the field of application and ripple effects.

– History and research results

– E-mails exchanged with invitation letters or invitations

– Lecture (seminar) summary or plan (1-2 / free format)

– If you are supported for airfare, attach a purchase receipt (you will be paid with the consultation fee if you get it in advance)

– Account information _ Domestic and foreign bank accounts are available.

※ If you do not have a Korean account when you fill out application form, fill in the amount or dollar in local currency

<Information required in case of foreign bankbook>

Account name

Bank name, Branch & Address

Account number

Routing number

※ Apply 2 weeks before application

5. Documents to be submitted after the seminar

– (Attachment 5) Utilization of overseas experts

– Advisory content (with photo) or seminar materials (lecture materials, attendee signatures, posters, photos, etc.)

– Copy of passport (proof of immigration) and receipt (Attachment 5)

※ When paying the expense of overseas experts, you should prove all the activities during payment period.


Inquiry : Jihye Han (T.8503, jhwb0822@kaist.ac.kr)