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Prof. Seong-Ook, Park elected as the 24th KIEES president, Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Eng. and Sci.

EE Professor Seong-Ook, Park elected as the 24th president of The Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science (KIEES).

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Founded in 1989, KIEES is celebrating its 33rd anniversary this year.

Currently having over 10,000 members, KIEES manages multiple specialized research groups including SCI international academic journals (JEES), Korean papers (registered journals), and academic journal ‘Electromagnetic Technology’.

It is one of the four major academic organizations in the field of communication technology.


The new president, Seong-Ook Park, is one of the top authorities in the field of artificial satellites, who recently served as the director of the KAIST Satellite Research Center, which plays the key role for Korean satellite launch projects such as NEXTSat-1.

In a media interview after taking office, he commented that “students who majored in international relations and business started to change majors to science” as the UAE recently succeeded in Mars exploration. “I think it should happen in Korea academia as well,” he said.

He remarked “I hope for your care and support for the KIEES society to gain more internationally prominent honor.”


With the new president, KIEES this tiger’s year is expected to make a black tiger’s leap forward.


Additionally, I would like to share his colum on 6G  Satellite by government project.