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Research Highlights

Ph.D student Yongchang Choi (Advisor: Prof. Hyung-Joun Yoo) got ISOCC2017 Best Paper Award

Yongchang Choi from Prof. Hyung-Joun Yoo’s lab, received a Best Paper Award from ISSCC 2017.

The award paper is A Fully-Digital Phase Modulator with Phase Calibration Loop for High Data-Rate Systems.

Congratulations to Yongchang Choi.


Conference: 2017 International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC)

Date: 2017.11.05 ~ 2017.11.08

Place: Grand Hilton Seoul, Seoul, Korea

Prize Winner: Ph.D Student Yongchang Choi (Advisor: Prof. Hyung-Joun Yoo)

Paper: A Fully-Digital Phase Modulator with Phase Calibration Loop for High Data-Rate Systems

Authors: Yongchang Choi, Prof. Hyung-Joun Yoo

Award: 2017 IEIE Best Paper Award