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Professor Hyunchul Shim’s Research Team Signs Autonomous Driving Partnership with Hyundai Motors

EE Professor Hyunchul Shim’s research team has entered into a partnership agreement with Hyundai Motors on February 23rd for “High-Speed Autonomous Driving Technology Research.”

Under this agreement, Hyundai Motors will provide research funding to KAIST, while KAIST will share specialized knowledge and experience related to high-speed autonomous driving technology, and provide cooperation in promotion. 


The signing ceremony took place at Rolling Hills Hotel in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, and was attended by key personnel, including Naksup Sung, Executive of Hyundai Motors, and Professor Hyunchul Shim and his research team from KAIST. 


Naksup Sung, the head of Hyundai Motors’ Research and Development Management Planning Division, said, “We expect that research on high-speed autonomous driving based on this partnership will not only improve the safety and performance of high-speed vehicles but also general autonomous driving vehicles.” He added, “We will support KAIST Professor Shim’s team, the first to step up to the global stage in this field within Asia, despite many difficulties.” 


Professor Shim said, “It is an honor to receive support from Hyundai Motors, who has been making efforts to expand domestic autonomous driving technology through continuous support for domestic competitions and research at various universities since 2010.” He added, “I expect that we will achieve even better results at competitions to be held in Italy and the United States with the support of this partnership.”


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– KAIST Racing Team participating in the Indy Autonomous Challenge @ CES 2023 (Team Leader: Sungwon Na, Team Members: Seongwoo Moon, Hyunwoo Nam, Chanhoe Ryu, Jaeyoung Kang)



– Nine teams that competed at the first Indy Autonomous Challenge on October 23, 2021. (KAIST team is the right most team in the front row)