Class of 2018 (136 credits)

* Must select at least one of the four : Major / Minor / Dual Major / Interdisciplinary major

General Education
(28 & 8AU)


(7Credits and 9AU)

English Presentation & Discussion(1), Advanced English Listening(1),
Advanced English Reading(1), Advanced English Writing(1), Korean(3)
Physical Education: 4AU (2AU can be replaced with a physical education club)
Humanity / Leadership: 2AU
Ethics & Safety II : mandatory
Happy University Life : 1AU
Exciting University Life : 1AU
* Voluntary service: Not required. However, if you submit a volunteer activity certificate, you will receive leadership mileage.


Must select two of three sections and complete one subject of each sections respectively.
→ Complete the rest of the subjects regardless of the sections.
Humanities / Society / Literature and Arts




Take one of the following levels for each subject: basic, intermediate, advanced
PhysicsⅠ(3), Physics Ⅱ(3), General Physics ExperimentⅠ(1)
Bioloy (3), CalculusⅠ(3), CalculusⅠⅡ(3)
ChemistryⅠ(3), Chemical ExperimentⅠ(1)


Take two of three subjects
Introduction to Linear Algebra(3)
Applied differential equation (3)
Applied analysis(3)



Introduction to Electronics Design Lab, Electronics Design Lab: Mandatory

Circuit Theory, Signals and Systems, Electromagnetics, Programming Structure for Electrical Engineering
Probability and Introductory Random Processes, Introduction to Physical Electronics
: 3 Courses should be selected from above courses

If the student take more than 15 credits of Mandatory major courses, the exceeding credits may be counted as Elective Major course credits.


Up to 4 credit recognition for Individual research

Intensive Major(12)

 Completetion of 12 extra major credits

Interdisciplinary Major(12)

 * At least 12 credits of major courses of undergraduate level are required from out side of the EE department.


All the undergraduate courses are recognized.
(* The credits for the minor or major degree can also be recognized as Elective credits.)



B.S. Thesis Research(3)