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Professor Minkyu Je

Through a series of comparisons between the graduates of well-renowned universities abroad and KAIST, I came to realize that KAIST graduates are of superb talents. Especially in the field of electrical engineering, both the research potential and achievements are highly praised all around the world. Therefore, you should always be proud of being KAISTians. Of course, we should never forget that these great reputations came from our alumni and that we have to live up to the name of KAIST.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more important to have collaborations with others. You should not only focus on your studies and research, but also on your personal relationship with others. While the word ‘technological convergence’ is prevalent, you should first have a deep understanding of your own field of specialization before you can consider convergence. To achieve this, you should also have ability and adaptability to newer technologies.