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Professor Hyunju Lee

As undergraduate students, you must now be dreaming of your aspirations and taking the very first step towards your dream – I can confidently say that this is one of the most important and happiest moments of your life. For a moment, let’s forget about all your much too down-to-earth worries and concerns, such as your abilities, your current situations, balancing between work and parenting, and so forth. Instead, let’s think about what you truly would love to do if you were given everything you think you lack.

“Adding dates to your dream, it becomes a goal.
Dividing it by timeline, it becomes a plan.
Then by simply following your plans,
In the end, your dream will be realized.

Dream + Date = Goal
Goal / Time = Plan
Plan * Plan = Realization of Dream”
-Excerpt from the dream note of a professional golfer, Hyojoo Kim-

The above is an excerpt from the dream note of Hyojoo Kim, a professional golfer. Every female EE students at KAIST are of excellent qualities and diligence, and has the potential to realize their goals. Therefore, setting the right goal for yourself will be very important.